New highlight system: Synteko UV-FIT!

New highlight-system UV-FIT - faster application, faster in use - Synteko uv-curing finishes for parquet, levelled floors and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) coverings.

There is never enough time. We are all interested in quickly finishing the project. Very often it has decisive importance, since each day the business is closed may mean reduced income and loss of clients.

Besides wooden floors other materials also have to be protected. For the first time the new Synteko product range also includes finishes for floors levelled with cement or gypsum-based compounds and LVT coverings, increasing durability of the floors, prolonging their service life and providing a more environmentally friendly and affordable solution.

  • The floor can be used immediately after the last finishing layer is cured.
  • The service life of the floors is increased, since the surface is stronger and more resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly protection of surfaces levelled with floor levelling compounds.
  • The floor joints are protected.
  • Prolongs the service life of vinyl floors by protecting the sensitive top layer and joints.
  • For sealing Synteko SEALMASTER can be used.
  • For cleaning the floor Synteko maintenance products may be used.



Author: Synteko NEWS

Synteko supports professionals treating wooden floors (finishing, oiling, maintenance). The brand brand is oriented to a contracter who needs high-quality finishing products and appreciates easy handling, good durability, natural look of the wooden floor and stable product quality.

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