Curing process of UV finishes

We recommend that two people work with a UV curing machine. One person controls the UV curing machine operation and the other person ensures that cables will not remain on the way of the curing machine. When working with a UV curing machine always wear protective clothing, safety face mask, gloves (operator of the curing machine) and protective gloves (other workers, including bystanders).
Place a heat resistant plate under the UV lamp, connect the UV curing machine to the power outlet and set the desired the speed (light wood/subfloor higher speed, dark wood/subfloor lower speed), wait until an orange light will illuminate, showing that an applicator is ready to work and start working.

First cure the manoeuvring area, where it is possible to safely turn around with the machine and change the direction. After this start moving from the edge of the floor in a straight line. Mark the starting and end points (with a peg, brick or a similar item), so that you can identify which part of the floor has been cured.

Move back and forth with the machine, ensuring that you overlap approximately 1/4 of the width of the cured area as you cure each path. This is necessary to ensure that there will be no uncured areas. Visually it is difficult to tell which part of the floor is cured and which not. Uncured areas will become visible only during the use of the floor, since these areas wear off quicker and they are less resistant to chemicals.  

When approaching an obstacle, then approximately 0.3 m before the obstacle first switch off movement, push the machine till the obstacle and switch off the lamp by pressing on the left switch. When you leave the UV curing machine still on one area with a switched on lamp, there is a risk that the floor surface can have burn damages. Although the machine is equipped with a safety switch that switches off a machine which has not been moved for 4 seconds, burn marks can still appear on the floor. 

In corners, by the wall and in other areas difficult to access a UV hand lamp has to be used. Connect the UV hand lamp to the power outlet and wait approximately 2 minutes until the UV lamp reaches its full power. Keep the lamp as close as possible to the surface to be cured.

When working with the hand lamp the same safety rules apply as with working with a UV curing machine.  

Area cured with a UV curing machine can be used immediately after work is finished. 

When you have finished work switch off the UV curing machine or hand lamp, leave the equipment connected to the power outlet and let it cool down for approximately 5 minutes and only then disconnect the equipment from thepower outlet.

NB! Detailled information and instructions are provided in user manual or should be asked from ceritfied partners.